Day structures

Childcare day structures outside school

There are a number of terms used in day-to-day life, like after-school care centers, nurseries, pupils' clubs, family day-care providers, lunch services or day schools. What these terms all have in common is that they represent the overall childcare offer tailored to the needs of children and young persons from birth until the end of compulsory education.

The Office of Primary Schools is responsible for the day structures outside schools between pre-school up and until secondary school. The new Act on Compulsory Education requires municipalities to make such offers in the mornings, at lunchtime and in the afternoon, starting with the school year 09/10. The local authorities are responsible for the offer of day structures, with bigger cities offering a greater variety of after-school care centers up to day schools and childcare during holidays. In general, one can choose from different fee-based modules and the parents co-finance them under consideration of their income. Pre-school childcare and private after-care centers are under the aegis of the Office of Youth and Careers Guidance‌ (OYCG). The term they commonly use is childcare.

Financial support by the federal government

Since 2003, the federal government has offered financial aid for childcare outside schools upon request. Newly established childcare facilities with a minimum of 10 places on 4 days a week and existing facilities that add at least 10 new places to their offer are entitled to apply for such contributions. Please find the exact details and conditions for the application for such contributions on the website of the Federal Social Insurance Office