Office of Elementary Education

Titelbild Juli 2016
Titelbild Juli 2016

What we do

Compulsory education in the Canton of Zurich is committed to the fundamental values of a democratic state. It is non-denominational and politically neutral. It is free of charge.

Compulsory education promotes conduct oriented towards Christian, humanist and democratic values. It equally promotes girls' and boys' interests. It is a supplement to education in families.

Compulsory education teaches basic knowledge and skills. It enables the understanding of context, promotes the respect of others and the environment and aims at a comprehensive development of the child to turn into a responsible member of society.

All the children living in the Canton of Zurich are entitled to public compulsory education. School attendance is mandatory for eleven years, and ends with the graduation from compulsory education at the latest. It may take the form of private lessons or take place in private schools.